The SEDIMENT ONE bracelet is a jewel-object inspired by geology and the earth's crust. "I wanted to recapture Iceland, the texture of lava fields, the black crust with its deep, regular veins," explains Pascaline Rey.

This bracelet is a sculpture to be worn. Each model is different, as the texture is created by hand directly in the wax.

Dimensions: 14.5 x 11 cm.

It has a brushed gold finish.

It can be worn with the SEDIMENT TWO bracelet.

The GEOLOGY collection is inspired by the formation of the earth's crust. The repetition of a phenomenon over millennia produces an accumulation that gives rise to form ... like the drip that, in successive layers, forms a stalactite.

Delivery time: 2 months

The finish of our jewelry is our signature, especially the delicate brushed finish. Most of our models are gilded with fine gold.

To clean your jewelry, wipe an alcohol cloth or any other alcohol-based cleaning product to remove greasy marks left by fingers. We do not recommend to use water and soap...

You will benefit for a one year guarantee regarding the brushed finish and the gilding of the jewelry. Shocks and unusual use of the jewelry can't be supported by the guarantee.


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