First piece of the collection, the Cube Trompe l'Oeil ring is spectacular: despite its 3 mm thickness, it takes an impressive volume on the finger.

Each side is meticulously brushed in a different direction to accentuate the trompe l'oeil effect.

It is available in gold, silver or gunmetal finishes.

It exists in small size (2,3 cm x 2,3 cm) and in large size (2,8 cm x 2,8 cm). It is worn by men too.

Wow effect guaranteed for men who love architecture and exceptional objects.

The finish of our jewelry is our signature, especially the delicate brushed finish. Most of our models are gilded with fine gold.

To clean your jewelry, wipe an alcohol cloth or any other alcohol-based cleaning product to remove greasy marks left by fingers. We do not recommend to use water and soap...

You will benefit for a one year guarantee regarding the brushed finish and the gilding of the jewelry. Shocks and unusual use of the jewelry can't be supported by the guarantee.


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